Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Potty Train a Dog Explained on Video

In this video you are going to find out how to potty train a dog as well as how to potty train a young puppy. Naturally, if you start potty training a dog at the young age you will get much better and quicker results.

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Nature's way to potty train a dog

The most important factor you need to realize is that the nature has already taken care of potty problems in dogs. The dogs, when they are first born, are blind as well as death. Additionally, they can urinate or defecate, so the mother has to stimulate puppies by licking in order for them to go. Since the feces inside the den would be a fruitful ground for bacteria as well as the smell of it would attract the predators, mother is forced to eat and drink the puppies feces. This in turn ensures that the den is clean and dry and safe from bacteria build ups. This is the nature’s way of ensuring the puppies survival at this fragile state of their lives.

When puppies are around three weeks old their eyes are opening and they begin to hear so the second stage of their natural potty training regime begins. Mother is no longer stimulating puppies urinate or defecate nor does she needs to and she is not willing to clean up after them indefinitely so at this stage the puppies are actually potty trained by their mother. This is all in their genes which makes potty training one of the easiest tasks you can teach a dog.

Energy to help you potty train a dog

If you have the opportunity to actually observe the mother with her puppies as she potty trains them, don’t miss out on the opportunity. Make sure to tap into mother’s calm and firm energy as she pushes puppies out of the den. That is the same energy you must always exert any time you are communicating with your dog. This energy will help make you the leader that any dog will follow.

To return to how to potty train a dog subject and how you can exploit what the nature and the mother have already taught a puppy. So the mother is actually making the puppies go outside to toilet once they are around three weeks old. How can you exploit this?

Exploit nature to potty train a dog

When you first get the dog you must convey to him that the entire house is now a den while the outside is where they are going to toilet. This is most easily achieved with a crate.

If you use the crate correctly than your dog will regard the crate as a den. It will not go inside the den because of what the mother has already tough him. It is best that you put the dog inside the crate immediately, keep the dog inside for fifteen to twenty minutes and then take it out of the den and take outside. Wait for the dog to toilet but don’t pressure him. If the dog did not go, return it to the crate and keep it inside for another fifteen to twenty minutes. Then take the dog outside again and wait for it to toilet. The key here is to keep an eye on the dog very, very closely. You best keep an eye on the dog once it has drank or eaten. Immediately after we put the dog in a crate for 15 minutes and then take it outside to potty. If the dog doesn’t potty, back inside the crate again for another short time period.

Once the dog toileted outside, and it probably will the first time you take it out of the crate, make sure to praise the dog accordingly. It is always a good idea to have some kind of threat your dog enjoys so you can give it to him once he goes outside. Following this method will ensure you have a clean and happy dog in no time.

Since you cannot follow this potty training technique at night, it is best to put some paper down, or a plastic tray with sand so the dog can go. In time you will be able to remove the paper altogether as the dog will stop using it and will wait to be let outside.

Be careful not to traumatize you dog with potty training

When talking about how to potty train a puppy, you should be able to completely potty train it till the dog is around twelve to fourteen weeks old. If after that your dog is still not potty trained this probably means you have done something wrong. Make sure you are not approaching your dog with anxiety, that you don’t use force, shout or tell your do off. Always use calm but firm energy similar to the energy their mother used when she was teaching us how to potty train a dog.

How To Potty Train a Puppy – The simple crate method

The best and most effective method on how to potty train a puppy is using a crate. You can line the crate with news paper and slowly introduce your puppy to the crate. When you first bring the crate home do not place the puppy in the crate immediately, let the puppy investigate. You should crate the puppy when you leave for work as well as in the evening when you are all sleeping. This will not only prevent potty accidents but also any damages to your carpets and furniture.

The crate should be placed in a place where the family spends most of their time as a dog is a natural pack animal. In the evenings the dog crate should be moved to the bedroom. When introducing the crate allow the puppy to make the first move by going into the crate on their own. You can entice the pup by placing one of its favorite toys into the crate or treats. Leave the crate door open to start off with.

After a day or so you can start shutting the door while the puppy is inside for a few minutes, then slowly increase the time periods until the puppy is ready and feels secure. The crate should be a happy place for the pup, as this will make potty training far easier. This is how to potty train a puppy using the crate method.

Once the puppy is used to the crate it won’t cry or fight to get out when left alone. In addition you should regularly take the puppy outside and the minute the puppy potties then you must reward the pup as well as pat it and tell the puppy good dog. These are simple and effective methods on how to potty train a puppy.

How To Potty Train a Dog With Potty Command

A new dog in the home is always a welcome addition to any home and family. However, when you bring a new dog home it means work. The last thing one needs when bringing a new dog home is potty accidents on the floors and carpets. There are various effective methods on how to potty train a dog such as when and where they need to potty in a short time. Potty training is not as daunting as you think it is; all it takes is perseverance and patients.

How To Potty Train a Dog With Potty Command

Isn't this the greatest potty setup you've ever seen?

Devise a potty command for the dog as well as where you want the dog to potty. You can designate an area especially for the dog in your back yard. As soon as you bring the dog home, take the dog out to the designated spot. Once the dog has potties praise the dog as well as reward the dog. A dog usually tells you when they want to go out and potty and will either circle, whine or squat, as soon as you notice this take the dog out immediately.

Once the dog has finished, praise the dog, and then wait to see if they need to potty some more before you take the dog back indoors. Another effective method on how to potty train a dog if they should have an accident indoors is to sternly say “no” and do not use any methods of punishment, but take the dog out immediately to a spot where they potty.

Clean up the accident as quickly as possible using a strong detergent to eliminate any smells remaining on the spot. A natural instinct is to use the same spot over and over if it is not cleaned thoroughly. If you know how to potty train a dog right from the start this will result in a happy ending for you and your new friend.

Potty Training a Dog | Crate Training Technique

Potty training a dog can be one of the most challenging tasks of owning a dog. Crate training is easy and effective as well as saves the carpets and furniture from being soiled while house breaking your new dog. It would be ideal to show your dog where to go and the dog immediately catches on, but alas it’s not that easy and in most instances this is not the case.

Potty Training a Dog with Crate

Crate is a safe place for this puppy :)
What is crate training? This is a form of house training that is one of the most popular methods used. It works and it is a safe method to use. Basically when you are sleeping or not at home the dog goes into a crate. These dog crates can be bought at local pet stores as well as online. You can also obtain a second hand crate at a garage sale. These crates come in various designs as well as sizes and the prices also vary. However, the size of the crate is important.

You will need a crate big enough for your dog to stand up in, turn around in and be able to lie down comfortably. The crate should be no bigger as the dog will then be able to potty in one spot and sleep in another. This is the most effective and easiest way to potty train a dog. The idea behind crate training is that a dog will not potty in the same spot it sleeps.

Once the dog becomes used to the crate, you can then start shutting the crate door for a short period at a time until the dog gets used to the crate. The crate should not be used as a punishment. In addition potty train a dog by taking the dog out regularly and reward the dog when it used the lawn as a potty.